Tuesday, 22 May 2012

NEWS!!! 2 Chainz Arrested At New York's LA Guardia Airport

Rapper 2 Chainz wasn't packing brass knuckles when he was arrested today in New York ... it was just a harmless 4-finger ring -- this according to sources close to the hip hop star. The ring says "DOPE" in big letters, 2 Chainz rocked it no problem at an Atlanta club called the Velvet Room on Sunday. According to sources close to the rapper, Chainz then flew to NYC without incident -- with the ring in his luggage -- but when he tried to leave the city today, TSA at LaGuardia Airport mistook the jewelry for a dangerous weapon. 2 Chainz was arrested at the airport for possession of a criminal weapon this afternoon when officials found the 4-finger instrument in his bag. 2 Chainz is still in custody. The Port Authority PD had no comment.

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