Thursday, 24 May 2012

Kanye West heads south ... to ogle Kim's boobs

CHEEKY Kanye West ogles his gorgeous missus Kim Kardashian on the red carpet at the premiere of his debut film.

The rapper was unveiling his latest art release, Cruel Summer, to press at Cannes last night.
But he seemed more interested in eyeing up Kim's big bulging breasts than chatting to reporters.
The rapper can boast Grammy's galore and a successful clothing range, but this new project will enable him to add film star to his CV.
The movie is a glimpse of what music fans can expect from the G.O.O.D. music compilation album Cruel Summer.
After coming up for some air, moody Kanye appeared happy for Kim to take the limelight.

 He flashed his now-trademark glare as Kim paraded her body in a beautiful gold and cream-coloured embroidered dress and black boots.

 After last night's launch, Cruel Summer will be presented at various show times for the general public today and tomorrow.

 Kanye and Kim have been joined at the hip since they got together last month.

Earlier this week the couple were in London for Kayne's Watch The Throne gigs with Jay-Z.

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